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We partnered with Charles Schwab to offer a low-cost investment management platform so you can begin investing for your goals now.

Making sure you're invested correctly.


As an expert professional resource in our community we take pride in offering a low cost, online solution to investing.  Our dynamic portfolios were created to help meet the ever changing needs of investors in any economic landscape. With our carefully selected portfolio models, including a tax loss harvesting solution and tax free fixed income offerings, we have developed a platform to fit the personalized investments needs of all investors.  

Why pay commissions and fees just to invest?


Most investors just want to invest in a  prudent, diversified portfolio that's also low cost. Combining years of investment management experience, innovative technology, and no transaction fee, low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) we are able to provide the client with these professional portfolio strategies for NO COMMISSIONS and NO ACCOUNT FEES.  Also clients can take comfort in knowing their assets are being held by Charles Schwab & Co, an SPIC insured broker dealer. 

Sophisticated Investing

Multiple Portfolios


We have 12 unique diversified models of ETF's ranging from a very conservative 10% equity allocation to an Aggressive 90% equity allocation.

Automatically Rebalanced


Our cutting-edge technology monitors and rebalances your portfolio to help keep you diversified and on track.

Tax Efficient


If an investment declines in value, our automatic tax-loss harvesting may help you offset the taxes on investment gains. *Please make sure to consult your independent tax advisor.


Is it really free of commissions transaction charges, and account fees?

Yes, you don't pay any transaction fees, commissions, or account fees.

By hand-selecting low-cost ETF's, the portfolio models average internal expense ratios are less than 0.20%.

Why is your firm offering this solution?

We are a fiduciary wealth management firm that believes in doing what's in the best interest of our clients.  Though the technology is awesome, it is still solely an online digital investment management platform. At some point in the future you may need a human advisor and we hope you allow us the opportunity to discuss our advisory services with you.

How does it compare to other digital investment solutions?

Other platforms may require investing in their own proprietary funds. We do not do this. We've filtered through over 900 funds to hand-select the funds that have passed our due diligence process regardless of their firm affiliation.

Also, other platforms may require that you hold upwards of 15% or more in cash. Our portfolios will never have more than 4% of your portfolio in cash. This means you'll have 96% of your portfolio fully invested in your investment allocation.

Is it easy to setup?

Totally! If you can setup a Facebook account or buy something on Amazon, you can do this.  We've simplified it down to 4 steps:

  1. Click HERE and enter the code "CYK7"
  2. Answer an investor profile questionnaire (IPQ). This gauges an individual's risk capacity, risk willingness, goals and preferences.
  3. Once the investor profile has been completed the next step is going through the account opening process.
  4. Finally, we review the recommended portfolio and are able to make adjustments and confirm before any money is invested.

What can you invest for?

No matter what the investment goal or objective is, B-Online Portfolios were designed to help get you there.  

Clients can:

  • invest for retirement
  • save for a vacation
  • build long-term wealth
  • set and adjust a target deposit amount to help reach financial goals

Is there a minimum and who can I call for help?

Yes, Charles Schwab requires a minimum of $5,000 to have an account on the platform.

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